Thursday, 21 August 2014

Old and new websites

I've been wanting to add a shopping cart for fabrics and books to my website for a while now.  My site has been hosted by 1&1 for over eighteen months, but when I tried to upgrade to a site with a shopping cart, I started to realise a) how difficult it was to select the right kind of package from their site, which doesn't show you what you are buying until you've bought it, b) just how clunky some of their website tools are (e.g. uploading photos, copying text accross etc.)  So I have decided to move across to a Wix site and spent a few hours this morning building my site there.  It was MUCH quicker than working on the 1&1 hosted site.  I really used to find editing the 1&1 site a drag because it took so long to do anything!

Both sites will be up for a day or two - the old one at and the new one at Wix -

The screenshot at the top of this post is the new site and the one below is the old.

It will be a while before I can get the fabric pages and shopping cart features sorted out (much photographing of fabrics is required first) but I'd like to know what people think.  BTW, the Wix logos will disappear off the new site once I've transferred the web domains and upgraded it a little.

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jane said...

Like the new site very much Susan. Already better than the other one. I'll keep an eye on it and when it's up and running I'll change the link on our TFE site.