Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wednesday at the Sanno Club

We spent Wednesday morning at the exhibition at the Sanno Club.

The 'display boards" are actually folding tables with only one side up.

There were a lot of visitors.

Some had come quite a long way -  Denny and his wife were there from Takahata-machi near Yonezawa city.

The Sanno Club is close to some parts of Sakata used as location for the movie 'Okuribito' (Departures).

It is also close to the park with the Meiji era lighthouse.

Near the Sanno Club.  This part of Sakata city hasn't changed so much.

Outside the Sanno Club.

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Texture Trail said...

I am really enjoying your posts about your trip to Japan. Thanks for great photos, and it is fab to see so much Sashiko!