Saturday, 13 September 2014

Yuza Sashiko Guild's Friday meeting

Yesterday morning, we went to Yuza Sashiko Guild's Friday meeting at Yuza's community centre.   It is always very interesting to see works in progress but also finished and nearly finished pieces.  I love these maekake aprons with a contemporary arrangement of traditional and modern patterns on each one - every apron is unique! I think these could be a good project when the Loch Lomond Sashiko Guild first year group get back together.  By the way, the Loch Lomond Quilt Studio is running my course again this autumn and winter - please check their website for more information.

This is a good tip for patterns that need to go across the side seams - assemble these first -


We saw several large new patchwork and sashiko quilts in progress.  I love this design, with cute minka farmhouses and farmer's outfits mixed with sashiko

A leaf design sketched in freehand above the minka - 

Keiko Ishikawa was starting a bag combining a piece of fabric from the African Fabric Shop in the UK with traditional aizome cloth. She is going to use hand dyed natural indigo threads her sister made and a dark brown thread. 

Koto Domon is working in red and cream, a colour combination I like very much.

This boy's quilt has quirky characters and sports motifs as well as some more traditional designs in applique.  Anpan man and sashiko!

Reiko Domon uses every spare moment at home to stitch a little more sashiko...

At the meeting, Emily wanted to try sashiko again, so I showed her how to begin marking and stitching komezashi (rice stitch).

Everyone else had a very productive morning, but I didn't really stitch anything!

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Cynthia@wabisabiquilts said...

What an inspiring post - great photos and so much to "read" within those photos. The tatami, low tables, so much beauty and productivity with no machine in sight. The minka combined with sashiko - irresistable. Once the quilt is sandwiched, with all that dense sashiko already there, how is the quilt actually quilted?