Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Frieda Oxenham's exhibition last weekend

On Saturday, we managed to get to Frieda Oxenham's 52 Journal Quilts exhibition at Peebles, about ten minutes before it officially closed - we got held up due to flooding around Edinburgh.  I'm glad we made it... Frieda's small works are like little gems.  The piece in the top right of the photo above came home with us.

I forgot to take my camera, but you can see various posts from Frieda's blog here with images of the exhibition and there's also this video from when she showed a group around, so you can watch Frieda talking about her work.  I'm sure she won't mind me borrowing a couple of pics from her blog too.

Scroll down this post for a slideshow of the works.  Frieda often posts about her journal quilts in progress, with many detailed photos, so enjoy having a look through her blog.

Peebles turned out to be a lovely place with so many 'proper' shops i.e. not chain stores.  We were hoping to get along to Horncliffe to see Berwick Quilters' exhibition as well, but after the delay in getting to Peebles, we realised we just weren't going to make it, so we spent the afternoon Christmas shopping instead.  It was a lovely drive there too, with the autumn foliage looking wonderful all along the roadsides.  Next time, I'll remember the camera!

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Frieda Oxenham said...

So glad you made it! Great that one of the Journal Quilts has found such a good new home too.