Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Today at the Quilt Museum

We had the second "1718 Revisited" workshop at the Quilt Museum today.  The exhibition featuring both the original coverlet and the replica continues until 13th December, so we started the day with a look at both.  It is a credit to the quality of the photos in the book that it is actually possible to see even more detail of the original on the page than in real life.

The original is at one end of the Bailey Gallery and the replica is at the other.  We had a look at the back of the replica this time as well as the front - you may be interested to know that it is stitched through to the linen backing sheet around the larger motifs like the quatrefoil fleurs de lys and the trefoil swags as well as between the blocks.  Unlike the original, the replica was made to be hung up for display. It is an amazing piece of work in its own right.

By the afternoon, we were busy in the education room directly beneath the Bailey Gallery.  If the ceiling had been invisible, we'd have had a direct view of the back of the original coverlet. 

Here are some of the colourful fabric combinations and lively interpretations of the monogram block.  I hope these will become the centres of some new 1718 inspired pieces.  There were some great colour choices today, and I think we'll see some very updated 'revisited' quilts soon!

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