Tuesday, 20 January 2015

At the Amuse Museum yesterday

Here's some highlights from the Boro exhibition at the Amuse Museum yesterday.

As ususal, the captions are from collector and museum founder Chuzaburo Tanaka's writing.  There is a book of his stories and essays about his collection, but unfortunately it is only in Japanese - I think Yasuko bought a copy. I would love to be able to read that book in English.  One of the things I really like about his collection is how you can still feel the link to the makers.  All the boromono/boro pieces I have have passed through the hands of antique dealers or auctions, and that link has been lost.

I love the way this museum displays work - such as hanging pieces inside floating picture frames. There is a more playful and human approach to display than that used for the Somerset House boromono exhibition in London last year.

Glyn's favourite.  He's inspired to keep going with his boro jeans project.

Showing old pieces against strong colours really works.

Next to the 'special exhibition' gallery, there's a rail with a few items you can try on.  This hanten coat was quite a good fit for Glyn, even with his jumper underneath.  It was two layers, with mid blue indigo for the lining and darker 'commercial' kasuri cotton for the outside, held together with minute dark indigo sashiko stitches.

Sodenashi hanten with sashiko on stripes - double kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch).

In the room showing a permanent exhibition about Kurosawa's film 'Dreams', there's a maekake apron stitched with Nanbu Hishizashi sashiko in wool on hemp.  You can try this on too.  Unfortunately the security wire isn't long enough to reach across to all the figures dressed like people in the film, otherwise you could get a sense of being part of it!

It goes rather well with Glyn's chunky Noro wool/silk sweater.

That yarn reminds me of sakiori weaving.  This sakiroi apron was used a costume in the film.

Mottainai - scrap bundles in the first exhibition hall.

When we came out of the museum, it was just starting to get dark on the Nakamise-dori.  We had a great day and enjoyed meeting everyone.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet Yasuko at the Festival of Quilts this year? We'll see.

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redhead83402 said...

Thank you for posting this. I was especially moved by the two stories in the pictures. I have grandparents with those same bundles, and even have a few bundles of mottainai myself....silk, denim, cotton; you know, the things that kids wear out or can still be made into something. I have other fabric yardages, too, and used to sew all of my kids' clothes ( i have 5 kids). Hehe, they think i'm a hoarder because i keep a few small scraps as well as yardage, but those little scraps have mended clothes, made little dolls and toys and doll clothes, taught them how to sew and design clothes, made quilts, aprons, provided contrast on little things...just all sorts of useful. I have a grandson now, when he gets a little older, i'm going to use those scraps again to teach him the same things. Anyway....thanks again for the post, i really loved it.