Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 12

This will be the last post about the quilt show.  I've rounded up the last of the Traditional quilts.  I think I probably photographed less than a third of the show.  It would have been nice to be able to take more photos, but by the time you wait for other visitors to step back so you can take a photo, it starts to slow down the process.

Sampler quilt in black, cream, off white and purple.  Surrounding the blocks with curved segments is an unusual idea.

I found the border a bit visually disconnected from the centre - it just didn't seem to work for me.

These hexagons were about 1/2in sides...Turning the hexagons in the border on their sides with the centre hexagons upright or changing the scale between centre and border (like here) was a feature in several quilts.  I assume the centre then has to be appliqued onto the border?

Lovely piecing and applique leaves, but not too sure about the echo quilting around the leaves.  

Glyn liked this quilt very much.  The quilting was quite subtle, with circle ripples in the taupe sections and zigzags over the colours.  It doesn't feel particularly traditional though.

Maybe I could have put this quilt in my previous post, where I included quilts with funky fabrics.  

There were several floral applique medallion quilts, most of which used ombre fabrics for their backgrounds.  Although it is not the kind of thing I would make myself, I thought this was beautifully done.

I can't read the labels so I don't know to what extent this was an original design or what elements were from a pattern.  Certainly there are a lot of these kinds of quilt about.  I'm not sure if there is a Japanese quilt designer who is specialising in this kind of design?

This reminded me of some of the Hakone yosegi we had seen, especially some of the more modern work featuring very limited wood colours.

Another floral medallion.  The ombre fabric used in the star patchwork gave the design more depth than a more evenly coloured print would have done.

Yes, those are French knots outlining the motifs. It looked like lace.

Florals on a plaid background.

That's the lot for these blog posts.  I hope you've enjoyed having a look at some of the quilts with me.


jacaranda said...

Thank you for your show and tell of the festival. Loved every bit of it. Planning my trip for the 2016 festival, looking forward to it after seeing your posts.

Every Stitch said...

Wonderful stitching on the applique and hand quilting - thanks for sharing!

magicmoonmusings said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, much appreciated!

Susie Q said...

I enjoyed myself with YOUR photos!!!! I know it took you days to get these posts ready as it took me days to read and look and absorb all that there was to see. Really, I have not absorbed all, but hopefully a great deal.

We have had snow this week which means stay at home until it melts. I know you are home and I look forward to more summer house posts. :-)