Monday, 25 May 2015

A trip to Tewkesbury

The last seven days have been very busy and I haven't had much time to blog, so I am only catching up with photos now.  On Monday last week, we went into Tewkesbury on our way home from Malvern.  We stayed in Tewkesbury this time and drove through the town most days on our way into Quilts UK, so we'd seen the beautiful old buildings and interesting shops there, but not had time to stop.


It was raining when we arrived in town, so we had to dodge from shop to shop.  We found a fantastic antiquarian bookshop which specialised in maps (so added to our Ordnance Survey and touring map collection), a proper stationers and art shop, and a charity shop where Glyn spotted an Aga kettle, which of course had to come home with us.

After the deluge, we went to the bank.  This has to be the most interesting Halifax bank branch I've ever been into.  The first floor at the front was galleried, not unlike Old Leche House in Chester, but without a fireplace and with the beams more prominently painted black.



The ceiling above the galleried section was decorated with mermaids in the plaster, shown in typical C17th style holding a comb and a looking glass.  I think I will have to incorporate them into my plan for a Mariners Compass quilt.

There were many interesting details on neighbouring buildings.

Here's an angel at the top of the door.

The smaller carvings included a few Green Men.

Chestnut leaves?


The building above has dragons on the lintels.

Perhaps it was once a butchers? There were old hooks and ironmongery all across the front.

There wasn't enough time to visit the antique centre up the alley this time (and we had very little space for anything in the van).

We'll stay in Tewkesbury again.

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