Sunday, 31 May 2015

Summerhouse and Lundby dolls houses

Yesterday it was dry enough to open my dolls house boxes that arrived last week - two Lundby dolls houses, the Gothenburg and the wider Stockholm, the first one spotted by my quilting friend Tracy at her local auction house a few weeks ago, and the second a birthday present from Glyn.  I set up the Stockholm rooms with some furniture for these photos.

The sewing room could do with some shelves at the back, and boxes/baskets of fabric - that should be easy to do from my scrap box.  The tiny Lundby sewing machine was another present.

The Gothenburg, with the two basement extensions.  It needs a little repair work on the garage door, but is otherwise in very good condition.

It came with a fantastic Lundby car, and other bits and pieces of furniture.

Glyn has been getting on with the electrics for the summerhouse over the last week.  He made a junction box to go inside the main house and link the summerhouse and the garage in to the mains. 

The brick wall turned out to be very hard engineering brick when he drilled through it last week.  The armoured cable runs in a trench to to summerhouse.

We fed the cable through via a channel built into the summerhouse wall when we were adding the shingles. 

The junction box inside the summerhouse.

The mains cable fed through.  Now it all needs connecting.

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