Monday, 15 June 2015

Summerhouse roof and painting

The drier weather means we have been able to get some more summerhouse details finished.  Glyn added the roof ridge and the onigawara tiles yesterday.


Some details of finishing off by adding the trim under the eaves.  The little blocks at each end were made from oak salvaged from an old chest of drawers.

The onigawara were a perfect fit and didn't need packing underneath to fit the angle of the roof.  This was quite surprising.  Although we cut them very precisely and made foam supports for them to stand on while drying out, clay shrinkage and warping during firing must have been minimal.  They are screwed to the top of the UPVC bargeboards and into the rafters.

I painted a second coat on the shingles, so the colour is looking much more even.  The windows, doors and trim need painting next, and then the UPVC corner trim can be fitted.

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