Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Great Northern Quilt Show - part 2

As usual at these quilt shows, there were various showcase exhibitions (i.e. non competitive) with some very interesting quilts.  International exchanges always produce some good results.

German quilters definitely have a different overall style to their quilts than British quilters.  They often seem less influenced by tradition, or else giving a tradition a new look.  See if you can spot which quilts are German and which are British, before clicking on the photos and zooming in to read the labels.

Glyn's favourites - quilts and quiltlets by Neel Williams (blues), Christine Vliestra (browns) and Terry Donaldson (Cornish tin mine ruins).

The yellow machine quilting, colour scheme and block arrangement on 'Have Geese, Won't Fly' by Alessandra Rocco caught my eye.

These quilts by Hazel Ryder were beautiful and mysterious.

Jenny Rolfe showed different pieces from her exhibition with Hilary Beattie at The Bramble Patch earlier this year. I liked 'Seeds of Time' (below) very much.

Some more of Jenny's work. These are such simple quilts in construction but with so much thought in the arrangement of the fabrics. 'Seedheads 3' (below) was my favourite.  She used a reproduction print produced by the V & A for the 'Quilts 1700 - 2010' as a starting point for these (the black seedheads printed on coral red and pale turquoise).

I like this kind of movement in a quilt, created entirely by the changes in colour and value.

I enjoyed the show very much.  The standard of quilts in the competition was high this year and the guest quilters' work was excellent.  Plus of course there is the social side of a quilt show - it is a great place to meet up with friends.  We had some time off with Katie Chaplin from Japan Crafts, Fiona Garth from Quilt Sandwich and Jan Allston (the Quilters' Guild's Region 2 rep), as well as meeting friends from all over the UK.

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Julie said...

I wasn't able to get to the Great Northern so thank you very much for all your photos. There is some impressive work there.