Thursday, 24 September 2015

My application for The Quilters' Guilds teacher's travel bursary

I am applying for this bursary and the deadline is next week.  I have had some wonderful letters of support from former students, course organisers etc. but if anyone could write me another and e mail it to me before the start of next week, I'd be grateful.  A few people have promised me letters but the deadline has rolled around very quickly!  So if you can support me, please do.

 I would love to win this bursary as the funds would enable me to take another trip to Japan next year and stay a little longer than usual in Yuza-machi, to learn some of the more difficult Yuza Sashiko patterns that I have yet to master.  Then I can include them in my classes.

A link to all the Guild's bursaries is here.  There are other bursaries, for students, beginners etc. so it is worth having a look and giving it a go if you are Guild member!

Photos include work by my two Loch Lomond Sashiko classes, some of which has been shown in Japan and which will form part of my application.

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