Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sashiko and quilts trip to Japan, January 2016

Arena Travel have announced details for our sashiko and quilts trip to Japan in January - see their website for more information.

We are going to start with Setagaya Boroichi flea market (below) and end with the quilt show at the Tokyo Dome (above), with a trip to the north of Japan in between, traveling by Shinkansen and express train to visit 'chiku chiku' sashiko specialist Akiko Ike and learn traditional Yuza Sashiko with Yuza Sashiko Guild, before going right up to Hirosaki to try koginzashi.  There will be lots of beautiful snowy scenery in between too, just like in the quilt above.

We will visit Asakusa in Tokyo.

The Amuse Museum.

Toyko National Museum.


Yuza Sashiko Guild are holding a welcome party for us, and we'll have several sashiko classes with them.

More sightseeing around Yuza, including the wonderful Aoyama House.


Koginzashi, the special counted sashiko from Hirosaki.

Plus lots of wonderful train travel - this is the Inaho Express in Shonai.

There's lots of photos on my blog of my previous visits to all the places we will be going on this trip - I have included as many of my special favourite places as possible.  All bookings need to be made via Arena Travel.


magsramsay said...

Happy memories, wish I could join you!

Yomgui said...

I am going to Japan in december (for the boroichi market). Where can I find some good places to buy antique clothes in Tokyo on your website ? Do you have a city guide or something ? I would be highly interested as you seems to know this culture very well !

Susan Briscoe said...

I don't have any links for flea markets, antique shops etc. in Tokyo on my website, but if you google flea market toyko it will bring up a lot of results. The boroichi in Setagaya is good. There's a chain of shops called Tansu which sell second hand kimono, with several in the streets around the temple at Asakusa. There's also a lot of second hand/vintage kimono sold around Omotesando-dori (near Harajuku). Best to have some idea what you are looking for and prices etc. Have a good time!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to visit Japan, my son (artist) went there a few years ago. He is totaly "japanised" and wan't us to go. I love your Blog (just found it) and LOVE your books! Lena from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm interested in seeing vintage Japanese fireman robes that use sashiko stitching while I'm in Japan. I will be in Tokyo and Kyoto next month. Do you have any suggestions on museums or dealers where I can view a collection?? Thanks!