Sunday, 1 November 2015

Let there be light!

I did the last outdoor quilt tacking of the year today.  It is the top I made mostly from charm squares, based on the Sarah Wyatt quilt at the V & A, but a bit scaled down from the original.  Mine is approx. 60in square, while the original measures more than 90in.  It was just a fraction too long for the tapes on the quilt frame's shorter pole set, but I managed to do it without having to put the much longer poles on the frame.  We could do with making a third set of poles around 90in long.

The quilt will be appearing in a future issue of Today's Quilter magazine, but I don't know which one yet. Cinnabar and Nutmeg will be in issue 3 which will be in the shops on 12th November, along with the pattern for this very easy spiral Log Cabin, which I've called 'Down Memory Lane'.  It was my second quilt, so it is definitely an easy make.

Glyn has been getting on with the electrics for the summerhouse, wiring in the overhead light with a temporary fitting for a single light bulb. After we have painted the ceiling and clad the interior, it will be having a five arm purple chandelier...

Glyn found a use for the hole in his jumper... Good thing he hasn't darned it!


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tea and cake said...

I'm so pleased you have electric light in your studio, at last! And, I love your quilts, Susan.