Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Lulea Log Cabin pattern in Today's Quilter

My mum's 70th birthday present quilt, Lulea Log Cabin aka Lulea Blockhus, is in the fourth issue of Today's Quilter magazine.  It's a great scrap quilt project.  I love the detail photo from the mag.

This was the quilt centre when it was still tacked... It really was a 'slow sewing' project, as I started it in 2001 and didn't finish it until 2009!  It is quite a large quilt, full single bed size, so about 90in long, so that's probably why I didn't take it to hand quilt at our craft group meetings.  The centre was tacked in 2002 but I didn't finish off tacking the wide burgundy border until much later.


A member of UK Quilters United on Facebook has just commented 'Lovely selection of fabrics' and I added the following - 

It is quite a mishmash, but I used to do a lot of dressmaking using Liberty and Laura Ashley fabrics in mid Wales in the 1980s, so most of the lovely 'warm' brushed cottons are scraps from back then. There used to be a stall in Aberystwyth indoor market that sold Laura Ashley cottons by the yard - I guess they must have been getting them from the factory in Carno? Mary Jenkins knows more about the history of Laura Ashley fabrics in Wales at that point. I am sure the border was Laura Ashley as well. I also used to buy from Phil Wheeler, who used to go to Clarach and Machynlleth markets, and later had a shop in Machynlleth. Liberty fabrics came from my trips to/through London. They are their 'country cotton' range and the purplish blue/rust floral print in the foreground was a wool and cotton blend - like a Viyella (did Liberty call theirs Viyella too? Can't remember!) All mixed in with some other 1970s and 80s fabrics. Funny how fabric fashions come around again, as there are many prints out now that look similar to those I used.

I had a quick look and Wheeler Fabrics are still in Machynlleth!  The shop was always worth a visit.

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