Monday, 29 February 2016

A sashiko weekend

I've demoed how to mark and stitch asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern in sashiko five times in the last day and a half!  First as one of the 'four corners' at the Quilters' Guild area day afternoon in Perth on Saturday and then again (luckily only once) for Gillian Cooper's City & Guilds Certificate class yesterday (photos are here on Gillian's blog).  By the third time, I was wondering if I'd explained the same point several times over to the same group or not mentioned it at all.  It was fun though.  Glyn took a few 'candid camera' pics on Saturday.  If we'd known, we might have looked a bit more like we were having a really good time, rather than concentrating too hard.

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Gillian Cooper said...

We had a lovely day yesterday - thanks Susan. I'm looking forward to finishing my samples. I've put some photos on my blog