Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Super Strips from Today's Quilter pattern

Sue Jennings, one of the UK Quilters United group on Facebook, sent me this photo of her narrow strip version of Super Strips today.  She contacted me a few days ago, asking if it would work to make Super Strips from half the jelly roll strip.  This is how Dot Sherlock made her Super Strips at the second workshop I taught at Gresford, so I knew it would work.

One thing you might want to alter if you try this - use an uneven number of strips in the first squares rather than an even number. That way you won't end up with miniscule triangles in the centre when you cut the two initial strip pieced squares. In fact, I think that's what Dot did in her version. I think if you used 27 halved jelly roll strips it would be a good number. The completed squares would measure 20 3/4in approx. inc. the seam allowances. Expect the squares to end up slightly smaller than you think they will be - with all those seams, you're bound to loose a bit across the patchwork. You will have to adjust every measurement as you go, to fit your patchwork of course.

Sue sent me the photo at the top today and wrote - 

I have finished the top - not a great photo as it is blowing a gale! I really enjoyed the process and many thanks for including all the measurements in the pattern, as it made it so much easier to make the adjustments for the three quarter inch finished strips. I had to add a little extra fabric from my stash and I made the outer pieced border only 4 inches finished wide, to fit the size of my wall space. I just need to get it quilted now, before Spring comes and goes. I will really have to fight the urge to create another in reproduction fabrics. These colours are SO out of my comfort zone, but I wanted Spring colours. 

Doesn't it look cheerful and colourful?  Of course, there is a lot more sewing, but it is worth it.

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