Sunday, 31 July 2016

This weekend's projects

Sidmouth Revisited has been an ongoing project for a while now.  Tacking a quilt as big as this is a problem at the moment, because right now there is nowhere in the house where I can put up the 109in long quilt frame and still be able to walk around it.  The quilt top is 96in square. So I have to depend on the weather being dry and not too windy...

There was rain forecast for mid afternoon and the evening was supposed to be dry, but it wasn't.  I had a backup plan - plastic sheeting.  The rain didn't last long.


Glyn has started on repainting some details at the front of the house, including the finial from the porch roof.  The wooden gable has been painted sage green too, much nicer than the 1980s relic mahogany stain.

The house sign is done in the style of an old Scottish Region railway sign, from Off The Rails.

The Gothic arch in the beech hedge is an ongoing project and is starting to take shape nicely now.  The house is beginning to look less like a thirty year old bungalow and more like the pre 1850s cottage it really is.

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