Monday, 29 August 2016

Sidmouth Revisited - feather wreath

I finished hand quilting the feather wreath and the central rosette on Sidmouth Revisited yesterday.  If I have time, I will add another line half an inch inside the feather wreath.  When I get the quilt back from photography (it is going into Today's Quilter's Christmas edition), I will add lines radiating from the centre to link the outside of the rosette to the inside of the feather wreath.

These photos show the quilting towards the outside edges, on the larger X round and the square on point round, where I have done double lines of quilting echoing the piecing.  When the quilt returns to me, I want to add small beech leaves in the squares on the squares on point and cross hatching in the X squares, with a gentle swag running along the setting triangle bases each time.  I will do large beech leaves in the outer border (over 2 rounds of squares and rectangles) and hearts in the corners.

I seriously underestimated the quilting time for this one, but it is 96in square!  Today I will add fans in quadrants to the corners of the centre (the point of the fans will be in the orange squares) and semicircles half way along each side, with a small eight petal rosette in each.  All the quilting is based on the original Sidmouth quilt, but taking the motifs used and rearranging them to fit better with the patchwork frames, simplifying them if necessary.  I am hand quilting with Wonderfil 12wt Fruitti col. FT25, which shades from cream to light grey, which gives a rather nice antique effect.


Carol Fieldhouse said...

This is beautiful, Susan - I'll really look forward to seeing it in Today's Quilter - I might even manage a go in the New year!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Hand quilting really does add the extra dimension, doesn't it? Lovely - and will be even lovelier when you have added all the planned extras!