Friday, 2 September 2016

End of the first day at Harrogate

At the end of a busy day!  We had a great day today, meeting so many quilting friends.  My workshop was full too.  I'll get some photos of the quilts tomorrow.

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isitrite said...

I visited the quilt festival at Harrogate on Saturday. Being new to quilting - and all things related to it - I was absolutely amazed at the variety of things to see. I stopped to look at your stand and really didn't get much further! I just loved the kimono fabrics and had to search for something small to make with them and came up with a fan pattern. I am just about to start on working out how to piece it all together using the beautiful fabric I bought from you. I am full of admiration for your work and think the fabric I bought was worth every penny I paid for it and just hope I can do it justice. I do hope to be making more visits to quilt shows and sincerely hope that you will be there.