Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Quilts from the Scottish Quilt Championships - part 2

This sampler quilt must have caused more than a few visitors to do a double take, as a very similar quilt won the Great Northern Quilt Show only a few weeks before.

This is the one from Harrogate - 

It would be great to see them shown together sometime.

Quilts in the 'Modern Quilt' style are becoming more popular.  The winner of the Group category was a refreshing change from the usual kinds of winner, as 'panel' quilts seem to have dominated at many shows in recent years (which IMHO aren't proper group quilts really, when each strip is made by an individual)

 More minimalist but perfectly done quilting on this beauty.

This was another contender for my Judge's Choice award.  The silks and quilting glowed.  Very hard to photograph well!  Fabulous quilting but also stunning piecing, all in silk, from Kay Bell.

Hand quilting and embellishment from Frieda Oxenham.  The embellishments were a fully integrated part of the design, as usual from Frieda.  There were quite a few quilts with beads, crystals etc. but with this one, they were 50% of the design and the quilt wouldn't work without them.

This very textured blackhouse pictorial quilt was one of our favourites at the Great Northern Quilt Show and it was lovely to see it again.  Amazing use of materials.

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Frieda Oxenham said...

Thanks so much for featuring my quilt and your great comments