Friday, 13 January 2017

In search of Hida Sashiko

We spent a lovely day yesterday in picturesque Hida Takayama, hunting out sashiko.  First stop was the post office, to send a few things home - books and shoes we don't need here.

It snowed lightly almost all day!

There are many interesting craft shops and sake breweries in Hida Takayama... but no time to sample these on this visit.

We just had to try this kisaten coffee shop - 'Bagpipe'!  They have a delicious cheese cake.

Odoriya was the first shop on our sashiko quest.  Chie Ikeda, my sashiko teacher, recommended them.

They have wonderful threads, which made the long trip to Hida Takayama worthwhile for me!

A typical little scene from Hida Takayama...

A fantastic antique shop!  Unfortunately most things were too big for us to bring home, but I found a lovely miniature set of the 7 gods of good luck for my dolls house.

This amazing little fabric shop, crammed to the ceiling with old kimono, was right beside the river.

Hida Sashiko...

It was a bit frustrating that this splendid paper shop wasn't open!  One for next time.

They had the best chiyogami I've seen in many years.

Hida Takayama - we will come back on our next trip!!

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