Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Setagaya Boroichi revisited

We went to Setagaya Boroichi on the second day this year, with our friends from Yuza Sashiko and Reiko's sister and brother in law.

There are many different stalls at the boroichi, not only antiques and 'junk' stalls, but many stalls selling plants and food.

There were a lot of kokeshi dolls for sale this year.

We think there were about twenty five kimono stalls in total.  However, there wasn't much that really grabbed my attention in terms of fabrics this time.

There were some interesting 'kimono reform' stalls.

We liked this cross between tanuki and daruma below, but he was too big to bring home.

There were many stalls selling carpentry tools, whetstones and other equipment.

Beautiful bonsai.

More 'kimono reformu'.

We spotted only a few people wearing kimono among the shoppers.

It was fun, but the days of finding nice kimono for low prices probably went by ten or twenty years ago!

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