Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Sashiko kinchaku bag panels with Aberdeen Quilters

We had a really nice day on Saturday.  In the daytime, I taught at Aberdeen Quilters and they made the sashiko kinchaku bag panels.  Lots of variety in thread and fabric combinations.  Hopefully I'll see some of these finished soon?


The weather was bright and breezy, so Glyn had a mooch around the city.  This is the Lang Stane, probably once part of a stone circle. I've never seen it before, but I haven't been in the city centre very much.


He also spotted this Japanese restaurant.  Maybe one for another visit?  We had fish and chips in Stonehaven instead, sitting by the boardwalk along the beach, and came home 'the scenic route' via Montrose and through Montreathmont Forest, alongside Rescobie Loch, to Forfar, and then home.

Today, lots of parcels of fabric arrived from Japan...

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