Thursday, 24 August 2017

Quilt patterns v pattern books

I print at home, for sale at quilt shows and other events, many of my quilt patterns that have appeared in magazines (plus a few that haven't) but printer cartridge costs have doubled in the last few years and it has become such an expensive way to produce patterns.  So I am thinking about gathering these together and producing a self published book of patterns.  I would be aiming for between twelve and fourteen quilts, and would include favourites like the Oriental Log Cabin Sampler, Time and Again, 99 Treasures etc.  I haven't priced up printing costs recently, but with any luck this would retail at around £14.  I could be more lavish with colour and photographs, so quilters would be getting a better deal.

To complement this, I would also offer all the original patterns as pdfs online.  At the moment, I have a few patterns listed on and also on Payhip - Fanoe and Time and Again. I would add all my patterns to these selling platforms.  I can't host them on my own website because of the rather complicated EU Digital VAT regulations, which would give me a huge amount of administration to do if I sell as much as one pattern to another EU country.

This seems like a more logical way to go.  Having all my patterns professionally printed individually would be too expensive and harder for me to store, and it would be much easier to store and sell a book.  Any comments?


Unknown said...

I love having a book! The smell, touch is just so much more enjoyable than printing out some paper sheets (that get messed up and lost). Besides, it's nicer to get an autograph on a book! Go Girl! And if you need any testers, willing to help!

Karen Platt said...

Sounds like a good idea

Val A said...

I have all your books. It's time for a new one!