Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fiona's sashiko sampler

Fiona Fitheridge posted a photo of the progress on her sashiko sampler on Facebook today.  She's putting the borders on at the moment.  The subtle touches of colour in the stitching are matched in the border stripe and it's looking great.

The Peacock and the Tortoise have announced dates for my next sashiko course there and it begins on Thursday 8th March.  The current course group there finish in February and, as our classes are mostly fortnightly they are now slightly ahead of the Stockton-on-Tees and Edinburgh group, so they are keeping me on my toes!

For next year's Stockton course, I'm looking at Saturdays rather than Tuesdays, as I had quite a few people this year who would have liked to come but couldn't due to work or other commitments during the week.  I haven't finalised dates yet, as these will need to work around next year's quilt show dates, but hope to have them ready soon.

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