Monday, 19 February 2018

Sashiko from Scotland - planning the Perth samplers

As a follow up to my last post showing Sue's finished sashiko sampler, here are some photos from the last class at Perth, when we started playing around with different arrangements for the blocks.

It is difficult to work out what is going where until you start laying all the blocks out together.  Sometimes there's more than one possibility that would work - here, the kamon crests look good going down the centre, but also stepped across the sampler.

I know which sampler is Sue's because she stitched on brown and added the koi panel on cream, and I know the one below is Heather's, because she used pink in her stitching, but I don't know who did which set in the blue photos above!  Can someone remind me which set is which?  This is a reason why we all need ID labels aka differently coloured edge stitching on all our blocks, otherwise all the sashiko looks so similar!

My next course at Perth starts on Thursday 8th March.  Bookings can be made directly via The Peacock and the Tortoise -

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