Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The Ultimate Kogin Collection

The Ultimate Kogin Collection - I found out last night that the publication/release date has been brought forward. How did I find out? Because it was spotted that the publication date on Amazon UK had changed to 7th June. It was supposed to be the 29th. No one told me about this, so I've had three weeks less than planned to prepare for the launch. Apparently, it is F&W Media's 'policy' to do this if the stock arrives early (mine hasn't even arrived with them yet). I very quickly added a 'shop' page to my website so you can buy it direct from me - click here to advance order your signed copy. The books should arrive with me on Friday or Monday.

I am bit annoyed about it, because it makes me look like I have deliberately given people the wrong information. It also means that my 'pre publication' sales for World Textile Day, Gresford Craft Group and Wrexham Quilting Circle exhibition, and Sewing Quarter will now be AFTER it goes on sale, but there isn't a lot I can do about that. I have ordered kogin threads and materials in for what was supposed to be the book launch at World Textile Day on 15th June, but they are not due to arrive until the end of next week. I will list these on my website as soon as possible.

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