Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Olympus stripes!

I have added the new Olympus woven stripes to my website shop now.  A few of them are in the photo above, and I now have the full range of 24 - four different stripe patterns in lots of colours.  Click here to shop.

I use stripes a lot in my quilts and sashiko projects.  Most of the stripes in the photos below were narrow traditional width cotton stripes from Japan, very similar to the Olympus stripes, but of course only 14 1/2in wide, which a) limited how I could use them, b) made them much more expensive.  You can order the 110cm wide Olympus stripes, which are the same quality and almost identical weave to the traditional narrow width stripes, in half metre increments and they cost just £18 per metre.

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