Sunday, 21 July 2019

Sashiko in Stockton - more photos

Jackie Lowery sent me some more photos.  This is her amazing double bed quilt sashiko sampler, which she will be quilting soon. Stunning!  She researched many of the pictorial designs herself. What you can't really see in the photo is the lovely texture to the border fabrics.

Yvette Cooper made this colourful sampler with oranges and greens (one of my favourite colour combinations too), including some applique blocks from my Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks book.  It looks so fresh and summery.

 This cushion appeared on the front cover of The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook.

 This is a detail of the sampler from the same book.

An example of Reiko Domon's superb applique technique on a scroll style wall hanging, depicting bottle gourds. Here, the sashiko detail is in the border.

The shading on this iris kamon design cushion by Jackie Lowery is so subtle and realistic.

Anne Wright made this splendid sashiko sampler single bed quilt for her grandson - lucky thing!

She also made this cushion.

This sampler was made by Rhona Thompson on my very first sampler course at The Studio, Loch Lomond, back in 2013.  I noticed that the older samplers were the smallest, and the most recent ones the largest - from wallhanging size to double bed quilt, in just a few years! We now do some larger patterns as part of the course, but that can't be the only reason the quilts have got bigger.

We had two quilts 'in progress' from Liz O'Neil and Mary Clogg, which showed visitors how the quilts are put together from the sashiko samples.

Sampler from Moira Gaw, from the first course at Loch Lomond.

A single bed size sampler by Frances Lavington-Evans.  This is stitched completely in indigo dyed sashiko thread, which coordinates well with the blue and green stripe.

We had several of the quilts from Yuza Sashiko Guild's 'Dream of Shonai' challenge set in the exhibition, including this one from Keiko Abe.

I'll post more photos if anyone can send more!  Thanks Jackie!

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