Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Celebrate Autumn - 10% off on autumnal coloured fabrics

My first online 'sale', last weekend's free UK shipping (and reduced overseas rates), was over so quickly, several people didn't spot it - sorry! So I decided to have a special sale to celebrate the autumnal colours, with 10% off all autumn coloured fabrics, running right up until November 17th. You can find all the fabrics grouped together on my website, including the last of the limited edition 'Autumn colours' sashiko panels.

Although I identify more with Spring time, I love the gorgeous Autumn colours! When I went to work in Japan, I really looked forward to seeing them, but in 1991, they weren't as good as usual, due to Typhoon Mireille.  These photos were taken in Yamagata city in mid November 2013.

The colours here in Perthshire are maybe not quite as dramatic, but are still lovely.  A lot of our Autumn colours locally come from our beech trees and hedges, which become a beautiful russet colour.

Oops - I just found this photo of Glyn holding some hand spun knitting yarns in autumn colours, which reminds me I have a jumper to finish!

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