Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Lucky Bags - New Year Sale

I started my 'Solstice thru New Year SALE' on 21st December at www.susanbriscoe.com with some fukubukuro or 'lucky bags'.
Do you know the Japanese New Year sale tradtion of the Lucky Bag? You get a great value discounted selection of goodies, but you can't look inside the bag first - it's a mystery. Lucky bags may be themed by products (stationery, accessories, makeup etc.) and are sold by stores in the New Year sales.  It is a big, BIG New Year tradition in Japan!
My lucky bags are themed by technique (sashiko, kogin etc.) and/or akeyword or phrase, such as 'wintertime', 'golden' or 'Japanese New Year' to give you a clue as to the products and colour themes of each bag.
I've been having fun filling these bags and choosing different themes.  Although my discount is 'officially' 25%, in reality it is a little more for some of the bags, simply because things like a £10 precut of kogin 18 count cotton fabric and four skeins of thread at £3 each add up to slightly more than £20... There are sashiko, kogin and fabric only bags.
The sale ends on 4th January, so I have enough time to finish sending everything out before I go to Japan.


Jeannette said...

Have a good trip back to Japan

Jeannette said...

Have a good trip to Japan