Monday, 31 December 2007

Kimono ensemble for next Sunday

"Kimono Dreams" will have it's only Sunday opening on January 6th. I'm planning to wear kimono for the event, if all goes according to plan!

Reiko sent me a lovely komon (small pattern) kimono in a subtle olive grey that would work nicely with the nagoya obi pictured above. Problem is I need to sew a new two piece juban to wear underneath, as none of mine really work with this kimono, plus I'm not sure if my new kantan haneri ("easy collar") will arrive in time. With the kantan haneri, I can wear a collar independently of sewing it to the juban, so adjusting the juban doesn't interfere with the collar alignment... I used my only other kantan haneri to dress "Gertrude" the dress form in furisode kimono for "Kimono Dreams", as again the only juban I had for furisode didn't fit the kimono.

It may seem like a small thing, but the width of the juban and the width of the kimono need to work together, otherwise you will end up with the juban sleeves poking out the back of the kimono sleeves...

The nagoya obi needs to resewn too, as the front section has been opened out. In theory, it could be tied with this part unsewn, but it would be tricky.
Must start sewing!

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