Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Feeling frazzled...

Spent most of today typing up the exhibit labels and info panels for "Kimono Dreams", opening tomorrow. Since it won't be possible to show the inside pages of the old kimono sewing books in the display cases, I decided to scan some in to illustrate the information panels. Took longer than I would have liked.
I also looked out some old photos of my kimono exploits in & around Yuza-machi. The first photo shows me with a friend of Emiko's at the kimono franchise at Shimizuya department store in Sakata city. That's where I bought my first kimono fabric, obi etc.
Next pic shows me wearing a 2-piece ama (rain) michiyuki coat - short jacket & wrap around skirt. It is polyester, faux ikat. Even though my only kimono at that time was a washable polyester, I didn't want to expose it to rain & train seats! Photo taken in a friend's genkan.

This is me sewing my third kimono at Obiya, Yuza-machi, my neighbour's shop. Sachiko Obiya, the present owner's auntie, taught me to sew hitoe kimono at the shop. We are sewing the sleeves - wool, nikko nikko (faux) kasuri.

Of course, we should be looking like this when we sew !

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