Sunday, 2 March 2008

Edinburgh quilt show and more book translations

Once again, I enjoyed the Edinburgh quilt show. This year, my stand was conveniently right next door to the workshop rooms, which made everything much easier. Accommodation was up to the usual standard and my favourite takeaway, the Curry House, was just perfect as last year.

My quilt, "Kyoto Dreams", was hanging straight and looked fine. I had worried about how the lack of a binding would make it hang, but the wrapped over back, with an extra line of quilting just inside the "binding", worked!
There have been a few more translated editions of recent books - covers of the Estonian, German and French editions of "Japanese Quilt Blocks" plus the Czech edition of "21 Sensational Patchwork Bags" are above.
Today I was at the last day's opening for Quiltfest, at Llangollen, tacking the layers together for the "Kamon Sampler" from "Japanese Quilt Blocks", which I've entered for Quilts UK at Malvern in May.


AG said...

I just bought "Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook" from amazon. I live in Pennsylvania. I thought I'd look into getting some traditional materials to work with, but there are problems with all of the USA & Japan suppliers listed in the back of the book.

JoAnn's doesn't sell sashiko supplies. The Quilted Dragon website has been taken down. The Mi-Mu Club website has also been taken down. I could not find thread listed at either the Ichiroya, nor Chidori websites.

It would be very convenient if you could add links for some of your favorite shops to your blog.

Susan Briscoe said...

Thanks for that info, ag!

I'll add some a post re Euro Japan Links Limited - they are happy to post internationally, and their prices are excellent.


rupr said...

I have this Czech translation of book about bags. And recently I bought book about sashiko. I tried some stitching, but then I found one interesting but complicated design, I started to draw it to understand, how it is built. And i ended up with desing for three quilts. Block for first one is on my flickr:
Thanks for your books, I love them.

Susan Briscoe said...

Thank you!

Your black and red patchwork block is great. The Bishamon pattern variation works very well in patchwork. You might like "Japanese Quilt Blocks", but I don't know if it has been translated into Czech yet.