Thursday, 3 July 2008

Today's coffee break blogging - Clearing the Garage - for the new workroom!

We have started on the mega garage clear out, so that work can begin soon on my new workroom. It will be great to be downstairs - not only will it be much easier to organise my stuff for workshops, talks and shows, loading and unloading the car, but the postman will be happier as he won't have to wait for me to leap downstairs when he rings the doorbell.

Big stuff is being listed on eBay - yes, I am selling the garage door and freezer on eBay. I hate the idea of trashing anything that's in good useable condition. The photo above shows Guy giving it a final wash and "polish" LOL. The garage looks small but it will make a 50% larger workroom than the back bedroom.

Fluff could not be persuaded to pose artistically, but here she is giving a demo of how to fit oneself into an impossibly small basket. First, try it for size -

A quick look around to see if there's an audience -

Tucking all the bits in -

"See, I'm in! Bet you thought I couldn't do it!"

Contentment... is basket of one's own...

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