Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Japanese Quilt Block quilts

Here are photos of my quilts at Harrogate, at the Great Northern Quilt Show at the beginning of September.

There were some wonderful quilts at the show this year, including a new section of wholecloth quilts and some lovely pieces in bedquilts.

Kamon Sampler - Needleturn appliqué kamon (family crest) blocks made for the book's block
directory are combined with patchwork blocks including various kimono designs, kikkou (tortoiseshell hexagons = longevity) and two views of Mt Fuji. Sashing strips, cut from shaded fabric, give a woven effect. Machine pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted. 72in square (approx.)

(Below right) Taisho Variations - Some blocks are best made in pairs, so leftover pieces from the first can be used in the second! I combined a selection of paired blocks, blocks that are closely related to each other and fabric variations of the same block with borders on only two sides of each. The border fabric was the starting point for this theme, in the sophisticated, bold colours popular for Taisho era (1912- 1926) kimono. Machine pieced, hand quilted.

Minka (Farmhouse) - Pictorial patchwork blocks depicting farmhouse landscapes and kimono
combined with two blocks with Yamato kasuri (ikat) patterns. The blocks in the upper square section were made for the book's block directory and I remade one of the kimono blocks twice for the lower panel. The fabric choices give a wintry feeling. Machine pieced, hand quilted. Originally I called this "Hatsuyuki" (first snow) but decided "Minka" was a better title - it invites remaking in spring, summer or autumn colourways. 30in x 20in.

Takarazukushi (Treasure Collection) Sampler - Needleturn appliqué takara (treasures) blocks made for the book's block directory with a simple ichimatsu check border. Treasures are (from top left) - hat and cloak of invisibility, never ending money pouch, treasure house key, noshi strips bundle (for prosperity), referee's fan (fairness), lucky mallet (shake to grant wishes!) and the flaming jewel (luck). Machine pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted. 50in square (approx.)

(below left) Kasuri sampler - Sashiko kamon (family crests) are alternated with blocks inspired by large scale kasuri (ikat) woven fabrics. 14in wide kasuri cottons were originally made for household textiles, including futon covers, with one-width geometric motifs alternating with a e-gasuri (picture kasuri) design, intended to be sewn together to make a checkerboard layout, as used for this quilt. Machine pieced, sashiko by hand, hand quilted. 78in x 69in approx.

(centre below) Irori (Hearth) - Irori is the sunken hearth at the centre of a traditional
Japanese room. My house in Yuza had a 4 ½ mat room, i.e. a room with four
long tatami mats and one square one, which inspired this block design.
Materials include a mixture of traditional Japanese cottons with modern
patchwork fabrics & some plaids from the USA. Machine pieced, hand quilted. 74in square (approx.)

(Just visible at the far right above) Hakone Yosegi sampler - Machine pieced blocks made for the book's block directory in an offset border setting, these traditional patterns are some of those used for Hakone Yosegi parquetry, made from natural woods in various colours. Machine
pieced, hand quilted. 72in square (approx.) I think there's a photo of this on my laptop - I'll add it later.

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