Wednesday, 19 November 2008

5 minutes removals break

We moved the "old" workbench out of the upstairs workroom yesterday, down 180-degree turn in stairs and around 90 degree turn in small lobby/hall, into the back of the new workroom - the worktop measured 8ft 6in x 2ft (265cm x 60cm) and 1 1/2in thick (3.5cm?), the rigid metal frame underneath (from a 1960s office desk) measures around 6ft (180cm) long and 2ft (60cm) deep. This house has 8ft (2.4m) high ceilings and normal modern doors. Not at all easy to get it out of the workroom and into the new one, but we have done it. Old office furniture was made for moving around in bigger spaces!! 5 or 10 minutes break now before starting on putting the new beds together in the upstairs workroom (half way to being a guest room). Mattresses have just arrived, so that is a plus point

I forgot to add the photo above, taken at the Pontcysyllte Acqueduct on Saturday. I hadn't seen it before, as the last time I was at the Trevor Basin was for work in 1999. Something similar could be an interesting project for using up some of the stuff I have dug up from the back garden - I have a similar collection of old bricks, tractor chains etc.! EDIT - please read the comment below (and live link below). I will certainly look up more of
Anthony Lysycia's work. Sculpture with such a strong sense of place is inspirational. See also Stockton Brook and 2005 exhibition in Wrexham.

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Andrew Denny said...

Nice to see Anthony Lysycia's collage work again. I've written about his other work at Stockton Brook locks on the Caldon Canal here:

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Andrew Denny