Sunday, 23 November 2008

Rapper Sword weekend

North British were in Chirk for a dance practice weekend. They had three bookings (all the Chirk pubs), then went on to Wrexham on Saturday night (booked at the Old Swan and South Central plus one extra arranged on the doorstep) - on the whole, Wrexham pubs were less enthusiastic about letting them dance and are trying to turn themselves into gastro pubs or nightclubs to survive.

The re-enactment swords in the photo above were just for fun... real longswords look like this, while rappers are the flexible double-handled swords used in the dance photos below. No sharp edges .

Watch a youtube clip of North British here.

7.30 at The Bridge, Chirk -

The Hand Hotel, Chirk -
Spin -
Tumble at The Hand -
Rapper sword lock - 5 dancers, 5 swords.

The Stanton House Inn, Chirk (hard to take a good photo, too close, but you can see how much the swords flex).
The Old Swan Brewery, Wrexham - Andrew playing melodeon.

The Cambrian, Wrexham -

South Central, Wrexham - North British clubbing...

Tumble at South Central - if you can dance in Wrexham, you can probably dance anywhere.

The longsword lock (6 swords) features on this quilt commission I made in 2006/07, with photo images of rapper, long sword, Cotswold and North West morris dancing printed on fabric and arranged in kaleidoscope effects.
No chance to dance longsword in Llangollen as planned on Sunday - rained off! Click links to watch dances instead - Papa Stour and Elgin.

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