Monday, 24 November 2008

Miniature inspirations

A new miniature project for winter - my own pub (in 1/12th scale)! I won this hand built house on eBay for a snip earlier this year, when I had a Paypal voucher to use up. The design was different to anything else I've seen and not a kit house. The roof terrace offers interesting design possibilities. At this stage, I'm interested in decorating the building only - furniture can come later. Phoenix Miniatures have a great selection of white metal kits for pub fittings & furniture. I've made several fireplaces for my other houses. Matlock Miniatures have the best pub bars I've seen (I will build the back of the bar myself, basing it on The Crown near Birmingham New Street Station, which has a fantastic original Edwardian bar) - I like the curved end bar design.

It reminded me of buildings on Bridge Street and Lower Bridge Street, Chester. On Saturday, I took some photos.

My original plan involved stenciling the front with a brick effect and painting the mouldings to look like these eighteenth century buildings. Maybe I could add a bit of seventeenth century half timbered detailing too?
Click the next photo for a link to more info about the building -
I also visited my favourite shop in Chester - Sofa Workshop at 21 Watergate Row (Old Leche House - scroll down on linked page to see the shop front) - interesting to visitors not so much for what they sell but for the interior of the building (unless you need a new sofa when you visit Chester!)

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