Wednesday, 3 December 2008

"Embroidery with a Difference" group exhibition

My "Auntie" Margaret's stitching group are having their annual exhibition on Saturday - she writes -

"At Park Avenue Baptist Church, Park Avenue, REDCAR, 10 - 12noon, Saturday 6th December. Embroidery with a Difference do all sorts of stuff, some quilting, cards, wall hangings etc and the Sew-Caring Quilters meet once a fortnight in the same hall but only for quilting (as far as I know - but will know better after Saturday) We usually have an exhibition about this time of year. There's a membership of app. 20 people, a very light hearted thing."

When I was little, Margaret's daughter Elizabeth and I used to enjoy playing with "the pudding" - a huge collection of fabric scraps tied up in an old curtain, resembling a suet pudding ready for steaming. I think the name came from Margaret's mum, Grandma Metcalf, who had the original "pudding" - but it might go back further than that. We made all kinds of things, mostly dolls outfits, from the bits and pieces in "the pudding", my mum started a "pudding" of our own and I eventually made the "Pudding Bag" (featured in "21 Sensational Patchwork Bags") as a kind of easy-to-tie version. Making something from scraps is always so enjoyable!

I hope I can see some photos from the exhibition?

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