Friday, 5 December 2008

Website revamped!

Bob has finished the first part of the website overhaul -

The new book covers give the homepage a different look, the book pages have been consolidated, there are new kits and workshops and a direct link to the Quilt Museum at York.

Back to sewing in the new workroom now. Yesterday, I got the Bernina 153 set up for the first time in there. I've been alternating between sewing bits of the new Kona Bay challenge quilt and the new workshop sample for Sunday's workshop (Super Strips Quilt Top), literally going between one seam on one project and one on the other at times. Saves on using "leader" scraps anyway and I like being a thread miser . I need to set the table height a bit lower really, but it is OK for piecing - the machine is a just a bit too high for using the hands free system, the knee lift gadget, to raise the presser foot. No pics yet of the Kona Bay challenge, but will post some towards the end. There will be enough similarities to last year's winning entry that I'll be surprised if no one guesses its me. It was a fun contest to enter and, when I saw the Nobu Fujiyama prints with dancers, Heian courtiers etc. I just had to design something where I could use them as full figure appliques.

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