Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Denman Kannon sashiko update

The sashiko panel has progressed a bit further, with the addition of the halo details. I used the Olympus medium sashiko thread (40metre skein) on the outside of the halo, in bright white, and shaded through various white and cream sashiko threads (several brands) to a darker cream in the centre. I'm trying to make it "glow". Next I want to add more detailed stitching to the fish scales (using hishi seigaiha - diamond waves - as the pattern) and some hitomezashi patterns to the robe borders. I will also stitch the clouds at the top left before adding the striped tsumugi cotton borders and stitching the waves overlapping the border fabric. At that stage, I'll have to tape the paper pattern to a window to trace the lotus blossoms, cloud and wave details at the sides.

I'll be working on this piece at Edinburgh over the weekend.

Takenoko is unimpressed!

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