Monday, 16 February 2009

What's next? Edinburgh!

I'm sorting out things for the Edinburgh Spring Quilt Show, which runs from Friday to Sunday this week (I'm going to the Exter show in two week's time too).

Theone hour sashiko workshop project for this year's Grosvenor Quilt Shows (Edinburgh, Exeter, Sandown Park, Harrogate in September and Malvern's October show) is a Japanese kamon crest in sashiko - how to transfer the design and stitch it, plus tips on how to get your designs in the first place.

I decided to use a variation on the classic paulownia (kiri) crest, adapted from an antique tsusugaki panel. The leaf veins in this design are particularly interesting to stitch. The panel is 25cm (93/4in) square, a good size for using as a cushion centre or bag panel.

You need to book on the day at the show (there's no advance booking). I hoped to get a variety of fabric colours available but for its first outing all the fabric is the same colour - a light blue.

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