Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Forthcoming event - Quiltfest's Trading Day

Trading Day is nearly here - Sunday 15th February - link to all the practical info here.

What goodies will I have this year? The new bolts of vintage Japanese fabrics have arrived in time, including new silks (dyes and weaves), silk tsumugi (a crisp silk ideal for patchwork), contemporay and vintage cotton yukata, wool blends and other exotics. I have a beautiful selection of silk shibori (tie dye) haori jackets and even a few karinui (tacked silk kimono fabrics), like this one -
Hand dyed silk -

Contemporary yukata cotton -

This yukata cotton sparkles with a metallic stripe!

Some of the kimono wools have unusual prints and weaves - this paisley stripe would be perfect for traditional British strippy quilts (I have it in two colourways, grey & pink) -

- with plenty of retro modern designs -

I am going to have a 10% sale on other fabric bolts (excluding the newest bolts, cotton tsumugi stripes and plains) and a massive sale on wool kimono - all at just £15 (usually £28). Plus the usual books, patterns, kits etc.

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