Friday, 13 February 2009

Jelly Roll Challenge quilt

Finished my Jelly Roll quilt top this lunchtime and luckily the weather was good enough to photograph it in the Yamadera "natural light" studio - i.e. outside!

Jelly Rolls are a recent pre-cut fabric trend, started by Moda, who own the name. Forty 21/2in wide strips cut across the roll, rolled and tied. It is a convenient way to buy an entire fabric range, if quite a bit more expensive than buying yardage, but then you are getting just what you need, rather than having a lot left over. There was very little wastage on this quilt top.

It is a Jelly Roll version of my Super Strips quilt top, which works with any strip width between 11/2in - 21/2in.

The fabric is from the "Katie Jump Rope" range by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit. There were some repeats (27 different fabrics in all) but that doesn't matter. I got the fabric roll online from Gwenifer's Attic. Although the rolls lists only 26 strips, they kindly put together a 40 strip roll for me (that's the usual number in the Moda rolls and my quilt design is Moda-roll compatible).

Fluff supervised the shoot...

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