Saturday, 28 February 2009

Preparations for Exeter

"Shippo" pincushions and "Plum and Moon" Bag are my two most popular kits at the moment. I spent part of today repacking more for the Exeter Spring Quilt Festival next weekend. As the lining print I used for the original batch of the bag isn't available any more, I added dark blue, mid blue and purple colourways to the range for the Edinburgh show. Rather than restitch the bags, I've recoloured the photo to give an approximate "artist's impression" of how the new colourways look - the dark blue and the purple are much darker in real life than in my edited photo. The moon and plum branches are still stitched in cream while the blossoms are stitched in either ice blue, shaded pink or red. So there have been eight different colours available so far! The new colourways are lined with a gorgeous blue, turquoise, lilac and gold print from Kona Bay.

The shippo pincushions were originally a workshop for the Grosvenor quilt shows several years ago. I use the samples to hand out needles in my one hour workshops. I've added a darker shade of blue, burgundy, warm brown and brick red to this kit's fabric selection, keeping to the cream thread for the stitching.


Marie said...

Hi I bought one of the kits at Nantwich in January. What have you started? I love doing Sashiko and hope to do a door panel for my daughter, using some of the simpler patterns, after a bit more practise doing coasters cushions etc. Planning it seems a bit daunting but I'm sure I'll manage it if I take my time. I would love to have a proper lesson as I am sure I am making mistakes.

Susan Briscoe said...

Hi Marie,

Sashiko is rather addicitive...

I will see about setting up a local sashiko workshop this summer - keep checking the blog for info - I should have dates etc. by mid June.