Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow at Mount Zion - pictures

As more snow is forecast, I went out to see what it was like before the next lot arrives. The snow was about 4ins deep on the drive and very powdery. It was cold, but not that cold. Fleece, gloves & hat weather. The photos above show the view from the end of my drive.

You can see where Mount Zion joins Pool Road right here! Spot which bit has been gritted...

I decided to clear a route from the front door to the car and from the car to the road, while the snow was still powdery and not too deep - while I could still sweep it up! I was the only person out though. It was much brighter and more sunny than the photos show. The snow is confusing the camera's light meter. Before -

After -
The garden always looks picturesque in the snow.

From the back of the garden, Llanfyndd was lit by rays of sunshine.

The next lot of snow clouds were gathering over Bwlchgwyn.

It's snowing again! No sign of the council's gritter yet.

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