Monday, 30 March 2009

Plum and Moon sashiko bag kit - in another colourway

I've introduced new colourways of this bag, as the seasons change and (more importantly) the original lining fabric was discontinued. First time round, the colours were autumnal - warm brown, yellow ochre, russet brown ("red tea"), russet, sage green, with a print for the lining featuring Kabuki actors in multicolours on red. In February, I introduced dark blue, mid blue and purple, with a different print of picture cards with a blue/turquoise colourscheme.

The latest batch of colours includes dark brown, burgundy and red, with shaded pink thread for the plum blossoms, and the blue colourway of the Kabuki print for the lining. I should be able to keep these colours available for a few months, as I've been able to reorder the plain fabric, although it hasn't arrived yet. I still have a few of the blue and purple versions for Quilts in the Garden at Trentham Gardens next weekend - not many purple ones though.

The image below is an "artist's impression" of the burgundy and "red tea" bags - recoloured from the original photo! I'd love to have enough time to stitch every bag in every colourway, but it just isn't possible.

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flying hawk said...

hello :-) I'm a begginner of sashiko stitching from Italy, I love your book "the ultimate sashiko sourcebook'!! thank you! marzia