Thursday, 2 April 2009

All set up and ready to go at Trentham Gardens - Quilts in the Garden

My display at Trentham is almost finished (except for a few labels) and all ready for tomorrow. The venue is a semi-permanent hall, with a canvas roof, but it doesn't feel like being in a marquee. The organisers have provided white display boards which show off the sashiko nicely. It looks like a good venue and I'm looking forward to a great weekend!

"Irori" hangs behind the demo table. I originally designed this quilt to show off several pieces of Aizu and Hamamatsu (tsumugi) cottons.

"Pink Paradise Birdsong", which won the Art Quilt category at Great Northern Quilt Show in 2005, is featured along with projects and inspiration gallery items from my two sashiko books.

The "Kimono" wallhanging from "Japanese Sashiko Inspirations" is also on show.

It isn't always easy to display smaller pieces at shows, when I'm using quilting display stands for display. So this has been a good opportunity to show "O-neesan" (my entry for Region 13's "Sister's Choice" challenge in 2008) and "Kyoto Dreams" (which won the 20o8 Kona Bay Challenge) again. Both these quilts spent quite a lot of last year in Japan, where they were featured in Peaceful Heart Quilt Group's exhibitions in Yamagata Prefecture. "O-neesan" (first below) means "Elder Sister" in Kyoto dialect - it should be romanised as "onesan" but I know that would mean most people would read it as "one-san", so I changed the spelling... it is machine pieced and quilted. "Kyoto Dreams" is machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Did I mention there are quite a lot of new bags there too?

I'll take some photos tomorrow and post them here.

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